Why Title Insurance

A Title Insurance Policy is a contract between you and us insuring you against a loss in the event a title defect occurs resulting from a covered risk.

There are a number of title issues which could arise and cause the complete or partial loss of your home or business property or an expensive lawsuit. Even the most careful search of the public records will not find every title problem.

Owner’s title insurance protects you against financial loss caused by covered title risks. Without expense to you, the title insurer will defend you against an attack on the title to your property as insured.  If the attack is successful, the title insurer will indemnify you against the defined financial loss up to the policy limit.  A small, one-time premium provides you with this valuable protection.

Potential Title Risks

  1. Defective acknowledgements
  2. Deeds by minors
  3. Inadequate legal descriptions
  4. Easements established through documents by the County
  5. Mistakes in recording legal documents
  6. Mistaken reports furnished from taxing authorities
  7. Misinterpretation of wills
  8. Deed of community property recited to be separate property
  9. Errors in tax records (for example, listing payment against a wrong property account)
  10. Birth or adoption of children after date of will
  11. Falsification of records
  12. Undisclosed or missing heirs
  13. Errors in indexing legal documents by the County
  14. Surviving children omitted from a will
  15. Deeds to or from defunct corporations
  16. Marital rights of spouse allegedly, but not legally divorced
  17. Instruments executed under fabricated or expired powers of attorney
  18. Forged deeds, releases, etc.
  19. Deeds by persons supposedly single, but secretly married
  20. Deeds from persons not competent to handle their affairs

Before buying real estate, contact us and find out how simple it is to insure yourself against title loss.